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Postpartum Care Services

What is postpartum?  Postpartum refers to the time after having a baby.... 

Empowering Families Through Transition

Expected to bounce back without proper maternity leave while breastfeeding, all without sleep and on your own? I mean really, this sounds absurd. We are here to give a fresh perspective, to help heal, facilitate bonding, and assist the whole family in setting and realizing realistic goals.

  • Expert Care

    We’ve spent years studying how to prepare for postpartum. We are passionate about making space to recover after giving birth. Since no two families are exactly alike, we provide a personalized experience.

    Meet the doulas! 
  • Healing at Home

    We come to you! All of our postpartum recovery and infant feeding services are available in your home. We service areas around Buffalo, NY from the northtowns to the southtowns.

    A helping hand! 
  • Infant Feeding and Lactation

    We strive to provide current and factual information to create an infant feeding plan. Our care is always nonjudgemental and our suggestions flexible. Lactation is hard! Our top priorities are happy parents and satiated babies.

    At Home Infant Feeding Support 
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