Earth Day 2024: Better Baby Products

Earth Day 2024: Better Baby Products

It’s here! Earth Day 2024! While Earth Day might feel like a holiday, it’s really a movement meant to change our relationship with consumption and our treatment of the planet. This year, is shining a light on something that has permeated not only our planet, but also our bodies with the theme Planet vs. Plastics. Their goal is, by 2040, to reduce the production of all plastics by 60%. And we're here for it! 

When it comes to babies, parents make choices for them that not only affect their health but also the health of the planet. Unfortunately, marketing to parents is flooded with fast, convenient, and throw away. That’s a big, wide door for plastics to strut right on through. And boy does it.

Plastic-Free For Healthy Babies

It turns out babies may not even be born plastic-free anymore. A 2022 study found that microplastics were present in placentas, meconium, infant feces, breastmilk, and formula. To make matters worse, babies are especially prone to microplastic consumption due to their love of exploration and instinct to put everything they find into their mouths. While long term effects of babies' exposure to microplastics is largely unknown, there have been connections made between certain plastics and disruption of the endocrine system.  There have even been links made between microplastics and heart disease or cancers. 

Reducing Plastic Waste From Baby Products

Babies make a lot of garbage. Fast and convenient, which is the rallying cry for tired parents, means disposable or short term plastic products a plenty. According to the EPA, there were over 3 million tons of disposable diapers entering landfills per year as of 2018. And that’s just the disposable diapers. This works like everything else, until consumer preference changes the industry will continue to pump out plastic that is destined for short-term use and a long life in a landfill (if it makes it to a landfill).

Baby Products That Reduce Plastic Exposure & Waste

In the spirit of earth day, here are 10 of our favorite earth friendly baby products:

  • Esembly Water Proof Day Bags are a quick go to if you need to pack a few diapers and a change of clothes. The bags contain two zipper compartments, both of which can contain wetness and odor. Once your past diapers and wet clothes (after an eternity), use it as a gym bag or beach bag to continue containing past the baby stage. 

  • For snacks, we love the Esembly Petite Pouch to replace those sandwich size ziplocks. Toss them in the washer and dryer with dish towels and they clean up like new.

  •  Avent glass baby bottles are a classic glass feeding bottle for a reason. These glass bottles won’t leach microplastics like their polypropylene-based counterparts. When you’re ready to ditch bottle feeds, keep these around to store sauces or mix salad dressing.  Similarly, this Even Flow Wide Neck bottle is made out of glass. The nipples are a favorite of babies that have a harder time drinking from a bottle.

  • Plastic disposable bags are a popular option for storing and freezing breastmilk. However they are prone to leaking milk out and leaching microplastics. Simple 4 oz. ball jars  are reliable and plastic-free. Remember, breastmilk expands when frozen, so leave a little space and wait to tighten the jar until it's in a solid state.

  • For cloth diapers or disposables, consider the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. Steel is superior to plastic in containing odors. And since steel won’t retain the smell, this diaper pail can become a regular old waste bin once diapering is done. Speaking of diapers, Coterie offers a plastic-free option that performs.

  • Wooden toys, like this Lovevery block set ensure toys in mouths won’t result in microplastics in the belly. Plus, open toys like this are great for imaginative play.

  • If you’re in the market for new clothes, Primary is a great option for quality clothes with sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly packaging.

  • Don’t forget shoes! 10 Little is designed with developing feet in mind, but also have options for recycled leather and phthalate-free vegan leather shoes with natural rubber outsoles. Most importantly, they are durable as heck and clean like a dream!

  • Most high chairs are a temporary necessity, but the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is forever, converting into an adult chair with adjustable settings for toddlers and children along the way. While there is some plastic to make it compatible for newborns, it is limited. For sure a lesser evil considering the longevity of the overall product.

  • Last but not least is the unsung hero of the baby world, the wash cloth. Yes, wash clothes have plastic! They are often made from synthetic fibers that become harder to clean and rough on skin as time goes by. Esembly cotton wipes are free from synthetic fibers and actually get softer with time. Bonus, they are great for removing makeup too.

  • Other Ways To Reduce Baby's Exposure To Plastics & Waste

    First off, use less. The only thing a baby really needs is their parent. Everything else is a bonus. So be a minimalist and keep nice to haves off the registry. 

    Second, pick plastic free items or items made from recycled plastics.  If it is something that will be on your baby or in their mouth, skip the plastic all together. For baby adjacent items, recycled plastics are a great alternative for virgin plastics.

    Third is thrift! There are hand-me-downs, good wills, second-consignment shops, facebook marketplace, and garage sales to name a few thrifty options. But what about the baby shower you ask? Try filling it with services that will make it easier to be a healthy and present parent. Because the most important thing to any baby is hugs and food (same baby, same).


    Let's gooooooo! Parents vs. Plastics!


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