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Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam

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This practice uses gentle, nourishing techniques that use heat and organic herbs to cleanse, purify and heal the body.  The medicinal properties of the herbs coupled with the warmth of the steam has been shown to significantly increase healing bringing more lymph and blood flow to the pelvic area.  It also assists in cleaning the uterine walls while helping the uterus return to it's normal size and position.  Not only that, but it helps keep stitches clean and scar tissue soft. 

This service takes place in the home.  You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your visit.  This service takes approximately 30 minutes plus time to prepare and clean up.    

If you have any questions about scheduling please contact us.


Looking to give a yoni steam to a postpartum friend as a gift? Gift cards may be used for any postpartum gifts and services.

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