A Simple Way To Prepare For Breastfeeding While Pregnant

A Simple Way To Prepare For Breastfeeding While Pregnant

So, you’re pregnant and you’d like to breastfeed. You’re definitely far from alone! According to the CDC, 83.4% of infants born in 2019 were breastfed at some point in their new lives. 

Contrary to popular opinion, those early latches are less instinctual and more so a skill that both you and baby must learn together. When humans lived in small societies and breastfeeding was common, one could learn a lot about breastfeeding by taking a good look around the village. Inter generational knowledge was abundant, and so was the willingness to share. In our modern society it’s no longer that simple. Enter, the breastfeeding basics class. 

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Attend a Breastfeeding Basics Class
Who should I bring to a Breastfeeding Basics Class?
I can't decide which breastfeeding basics class to attend! Help!


Attend a Breastfeeding Basics Class

You don’t need to wait until you have your baby to start learning how to breastfeed. Somewhere around the start of your third trimester, plan to attend a prenatal class that will show you how to latch, bring in your supply, and what to expect in the initial hours, days, and weeks. Group classes are offered by hospitals, Lactation Counselors, and other perinatal support services in your area.  Attendance may be in person or virtual. So choose a setting that best supports your learning style.

Who should I bring to a breastfeeding basics class?

Most classes will allow you to bring a support person along, whether that’s a spouse, partner, a family member, or a best friend. This is highly recommended and here’s why: it’s not easy to remember everything when trying to get that latch after childbirth. Having someone present with the same basic understanding of breastfeeding can help ease frustration. Remember, you and your baby are learning a new skill together. You both deserve a kind and informed cheerleader.

I can’t decide which breastfeeding class to attend! Help!

There may be more than one teacher or class style that speaks to you. Any class is better than no class, so you really can’t choose wrong!  But if you’re really torn you can always choose more than one. Teachers tend to have different tips and tricks. And you totally get to pick and choose.  You and your baby are a unique dyad, which is why there is no one way to breastfeed. 

Here at Accouterie, we offer one-on-on classes in the comfort of your home. So check us out!  And remember, you’ve got this!


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